Race caller Terry Spargo returns to track he left almost 25 years ago

Gold Coast punters will go back to the future from this weekend, with caller Terry Spargo set to return to the full-time position he left a quarter of a century ago.

Radio TAB and the Gold Coast Turf Club have appointed Spargo as the replacement for Steve Hawkins.

Spargo returned to Australia last year after a career that was highlighted by his tenure as the chief broadcaster in Dubai for 17 years.

His first Gold Coast call was back in April of 1976, before he was made the full-time caller at the course in mid-1977. He held the post until August 1993, when Terry Bailey took over.


Terry Spargo is heading back to the Gold Coast where he got his start as a full-time caller. Picture: Grant Peters, Trackside Photography


Spargo, 62, has lived on the Gold Coast since returning home and said it was a straight forward decision to accept the offer to return to his old role.

“I grabbed it with both hands,” he said.

“I live just a few minutes from the track, if I wasn’t working I’ve been there every Saturday as a punter.

“It was a great place to me when I kicked off, when I was the number three coming through and it certainly helped me get to where I did internationally and I’m very chuffed to be back.

“I love the game and to be able to do it on a steady basis is a great thing. I’m grateful that Radio TAB and the Gold Coast Turf Club have seen fit to give me the gig.”

Spargo said a few things have changed at the Coast since he left and it took a little adjusting at his first call back

“It was a strange day because I hadn’t called a race there for 25 years,” he said.

“The box is a bit different now. Time’s a funny thing, I had to get used to a few things again, but I enjoyed it.”


Story courtesy Nathan Exelby – Brisbane Courier Mail



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