Don’t forget to check out tomorrow’s Hollindale Stakes Day Barrier Trial Report before having a bet…

With thanks to the Gold Coast Turf Club


Race 1 11.24am Attwood Marshall Benchmark 75 Handicap 1800m

No.4 Skytrek – 3rd (2.7L) 10/4 Eagle Farm 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 84)

Jumped ok, eased soon after settled down second last off the fence barely 5 lengths from the lead. Cornered closer, held ground before making some late headway all under his own steam, never asked for an effort at any stage.


No.16e Tavistock Abbey – 1st (2.0L) 17/4 Deagon 1000m Class 2 trial Good (TR 98)

Jumped ok, going forward soon after settled a close up 3rd splitting the leading pair. Took over before the turn, urged along into the straight well off the inside kept going solidly to the line.


Race 2 11.59am David Russo Fresh Vegetables Sydney Markets Benchmark 85 Handicap 1200m

No.7 Primal Flight – 3rd (7.0L) 21/3 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 116.5)

Jumped well, led briefly before settling a clear 2nd 3 lengths behind the flying leader. Margin 6 lengths into the straight, making no headway held down 3rd on the line wasn’t pressured though & is far more effective when able to lead.


No.8 Tyzone – 1st (0.4L) 10/4 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 97)

Jumped well landed in front, didn’t want to be there settled 2 lengths away 2nd. Closer turn, cruised to the leader 200m, coasted past soon after going to the line scoring easily with Jeff Lloyd sitting up, plenty more to offer.


Race 3 12.34pm Hawkes Racing Class 6 Plate 1400m

No.10 Sheza Lily – 1st (0.1L) 21/3 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 102.5)

Jumped ok no rush settled down second last in a bunched field only 3 lengths from the lead fence. Closer into the straight with a rails run, hit lead late & held a narrow margin to the line having taken all the shortcuts (wore heavy shoes). 


No.11 Chillin With Dylan – 2nd (3.75L) 24/4 Sunshine Coast 1270m Open trial Soft (TR 113)

Jumped ok, no rush at all settling back last of only three runners only just over 2 lengths from the leader. Closer turn, plenty of room to give chase straight however wasn’t asked to at all given a very easy time to the line.


Race 5 1.49pm Moreton Hire Ken Russell Memorial Classic 1200m

No.11 Pony Power – 2nd (1.25L) 10/4 Eagle Farm 800m 2yo trial Soft (TR 100)

Jumped ok wide out moving forward 3 wide to 3rd no cover. Closer into the straight slightly wider, only casted home tracking the winner to the line with a decent gap back to 3rd (wore heavy shoes).


Race 6 2.29pm Gold Coast – Harley Davidson Bat Out Of Hell 900m

No.1 Beau Rada – 2nd (0.2L) 17/4 Deagon 1000m Open trial Good (TR 104)

Jumped well, soon found the front settling down less than a length clear travelling comfortably. Marginally narrowed into the straight jockey having a good look around, run over late however never let down at any stage.


No.3 Snoopy – 3rd (0.95L) 10/4 Eagle Farm 800m Open trial Soft (TR 103)

Jumped well, landed in front however quickly headed settling a close up 3rd fence 2 lengths away. Similar into the straight, jock had a big look around 200m, slightest of liven ups soon after picked up nicely making ground to the line all very easily.


No.4 Prompt Return – 1st (1.0L) 10/4 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 111.5)

Jumped well, straight to the front settled just under a length clear fence. Held back to the turn, headed for home quickly increased the margin to 2 lengths, slight liven up held rival at bay with a big gap back to 3rd.


Race 7 3.09pm Brandons Gold Coast Guineas 1200m

No.3 Shogun Sun – 1st (2.25L) 17/4 Deagon 1000m Class 2 trial Good (TR 112)

Jumped well being urged from the gate to hold a spot settled marginally clear under a good hold. Cornered with a 2 length break, looked good going down to the line running good time with plenty left in the tank (wore heavy shoes).


No.6 Freddie Fox Trot – 3rd (1.1L) 21/3 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 106)

Jumped well, didn’t look to lead settled 2nd 4 lengths off the flying leader. Leader came back & only held a narrow margin into the straight however this one back to 3rd 2 lengths away, held ground nicely being given an easy time to the line (wore heavy shoes).


Race 9 4.29pm UBET Silk Stocking 1200m

No.1 Sylpheed – 3rd (4.9L) 10/4 Gold Coast 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 114)

Jumped ok, drifted back under no urgings settled 4th fence 5 lengths away keen to go faster. Pulling her way forward & off the inside into the straight, leader/winner raced away this went to the line under a good hold.


No.2 Notonyourlife – 5th (1.3L) 17/4 Deagon 1000m Open trial Good (TR 104)

Jumped well, no rush settled down just off the speed 3 lengths away nearer the inside. Just about had enough room to squeeze through a gap early in the straight however elected not do, between rivals late with little room to improve.


No.6 Kimberley Star – 5th (5.1L) 6/4 Doomben 1000m Open trial Soft (TR 116.5)

Jumped well, took a trail behind the leaders 3rd fence 2 lengths away.  Same into the straight with room to come through soon after, urged along couldn’t pick up fading latter stages.


No.10 Of The Day – 4th (1.2L) 17/4 Deagon 1000m Open trial Good (TR 104)

Jumped well landing in front didn’t stay there though drifting back 3rd last rail 5 lengths off the lead. Travelled well railing closer to the turn, within 2 lengths 200m, only coasted to the line with more to offer.


No.11 Cellargirl – 6th (4.15L) 10/4 Eagle Farm 800m Open trial Soft (TR 103)

Jumped ok no rush at all settled near the rear 6 lengths from the lead. Still well back into the straight, livened up a little late only held ground (wore heavy shoes).


No.14 Suspenders – 2nd (0.3L) 24/4 Sunshine Coast 850m Open trial Soft (TR 110)

Jumped ok, no rush settling down 4th fence 4 lengths off the leader. Length closer away from the inside early straight, urged along 250m closed ground right to the line without being punished late.





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