Yesterday’s UBET Racing Wrap-up 22/7/2017



Best Backed: R4.7 Khalama & R7.2 Sheiswhatsheis

Khalama was heavily tried ($3.50 in to $2.40). See ‘Bookie Basher’ below.

Sheiswhatsheis was just as popular. The 5YO mare was backed from $2.80 in to $2.20, held half the money invested on the Tattersall’s Mile and more than 1,000 bets. The extra five kilos didn’t help. After settling up on the speed (as predicted), she was overrun in the straight and clung on for fifth.

Hard Lays: R2.3 I Feel Good & R3.18 Umberto & R7.3 Crack Me Up

I Feel Good started the day $3.50 but due to a lack of punters’ participation drifted out to $4.20. At not one time did you want to be on him in the run. The 8YO settled worse than midfield on the rail, popped off the fence to come wide but finished last.

Umberto blew alarmingly from $6.50 out to $14. The Gollan-trained 2YO was second past the post and lodged an unsuccessful protest against the winner Hingus Rose.

Crack Me Up was friendless today in the Tattersall’s Mile. He drifted from $2.30 and favourite, right out to $3.80. As expected, all the money came for Sheiswhatsheis, as she was always going to go forward and Crack me Up was always going to get back. It seemed as though the pace was moderate and Crack Me Up hooked wide from well back and looked the winner at the furlong.

Bookie Basher: R4.7 Khalama

The bookies were smarting when Khalama got there in the last stride. They lost near enough to six figures and 42% of the fixed price book was on the 4YO mare. She got checked and blocked at the 200m mark, got clear in the last 100m and stormed home to nail Powerful Saga on the line.

Early Bird Special: R5.1 Backslapper

Backslapper was a crowd favourite today. Early this morning you could’ve secured yourself $3.60 but he shortened up to $2.50 by the jump and paid $2.40 on the UBET tote. He settled up on the pace, didn’t let go of the fence and when he hit the lead just kept on going.

Flops: R3.3 Excelebrazione & R3.5 Timperley & 6.4 Irish Constabulary

Excelebrazione sat in the one-one over racing then he couldn’t get clear in the straight when he needed to. Many punters were affected, as the 2YO held 40% of the entire bag. It was a huge betting go he started $5.50 (after deductions) and finished $2.70. Bookies certainly breathed a sigh of relief as it would’ve been a complete strip out.

Having only his fourth race start Timperley was pretty short today, backed from $3.60 in to $3.00. The 2YO settled midfield on the fence, came wide, loomed up but finished a disappointing sixth.

It was Groundhog Day for Irish Constabulary as he found himself posted wide just like last start. The 8YO went from $3.40 out to $3.80 and still managed to finish in fourth after covering more ground. Don’t give up on him punters!




Best Backed: R8.8 Kings Of Leon

The best backed horse of the day was Kings Of Leon. See ‘Early Bird Special’ below.

Hard Lays: R3.2 Magic Alibi & R6.8 So Willie

Oh dear Magic Alibi was completely unwanted. The Gerald Ryan-trained 4YO drifted from $4.80 out to $8.50. She only just beat the subsequent winner Memes last time over 1200m. Punters were right to think she couldn’t back up that performance over the 1100m and she finished sixth.

Punters gravitated toward So Willie early backing him from $4.60 in to $3.90 but he blew very hard late to start $6.50. Punters were right to steer away as he finished fourth.

Bookie Basher: R2.4 Suncraze

The Sydney bookies only lost on the one race today when they lost a small family car on Suncraze. He certainly got switched on with the blinkers today. 40% of the fixed price book was on him and he eased ever so slightly from $2.45 out to $2.65 but plenty of money was on! Punters thought it was long overdue too, as after six seconds he finally got the money and he got it in impressive style.

Early Bird Special: R8.8 Kings Of Leon

The punters who skulked around the early markets were rewarded when Kings Of Leon hit the line. He was $2.70 on Wednesday and on-the-day punters were in luck when he was $2.80 at 9am. He took a considerable nose dive though and jumped $1.85. It was an easy watch for punters when he loomed up in the straight and ran over the top.

Flop: R4.5 Super Too

Punters will have nightmares about Super Too’s race tonight. The 3YO filly with the impeccable first up record was well supported at $3.00 and was backed in to $2.05. She also held more than half of all the money punters outlaid on the race. It was a bitterly disappointing watch if you were on. She was taken on in the run and wanted the lead but weakened badly in the final stages to finish fifth.




Best Backed: R4.8 Portman & R3.4 Anchor Bid

Portman was the best backed horse on the Flemington card. See ‘Bookie Basher’ below.

Anchor Bid is also worth a mention. The 2YO was clearly looking to get over more ground and the punters weren’t scared of the short quote today. She was backed from $1.60 in to $1.40. There was not much room there on the fence but when she extricated herself, she won comfortably. As expected for a horse shorter than odds on!


Hard Lays: R1.1 Riyadh & R2.1 Hell Or Highwater & R5.6 Lovani

  • Riyadh $7.00 out to $13 (won). Settled second last, the gap opened up and he just got there in time.
  • Hell Or Highwater $4.60 out to $6.00 (3rd). Led, tried to pinch it but was run down.
  • Lovani $4.40 out to $7.50 (won). Led, swoopers came but she hung on.


Bookie Basher: R4.8 Portman

It was a cruel blow when the heavily tried Portman hit the line only moments after the Brisbane ‘bookie basher’ Khalama did. Portman accounted for 65% of all funds invested on the race and he was smashed from $3.00 in to $2.05. Portman was never in doubt in the run and cashed up punters were looking to invest harder in the upcoming quaddie legs.


Early Bird Specials: R4.8 Portman & R7.8 Pacodali

There were two horses that you should’ve backed early if you were smart:-

  • Portman $3.00 (started $2.05). See ‘Bookie Basher’ above.
  • Pacodali $6.00 (started $4.70). Settled fourth, travelled nicely and gave them the slip.


Flop: R7.4 Kilimanjaro

Kilimanjaro disappointed a few thousand fans today. The favourite was a massive betting go and his price plummeted from $3.50 to $2.40. Half of all the money invested on the race was for him. I would love to give him an excuse but he seemed to have every possible chance in the run.




Best Backed: R5.3 Terry & R8.3 Justify That

Terry was also the ‘Bookie Basher’ and the ‘Early Bird Special’. See ‘Bookie Basher’ below.

Bets were also coming thick and fast for Justify That. The 9YO was $21 in to $12. After sitting three wide, he was still too good for the rest of them.


Hard Lays: R1.4 Annaman & R2.4 I’ll Decide

There were two worth a mention:-

  • Annaman $4.80 out to $7.00 (3rd). Settled back, ran on but never likely.
  • I’ll decide $4.60 out to $6.50 (3rd). Settled midfield on the fence and drove through for third.


Bookie Basher: R5.3 Terry

Terry was the worst result for the bookies when they lost the same amount their house cost them in 1980. The 2YO was crunched from $6.00 in to $3.60 and we held 1,500 bets on him. He was in a very awkward position in the run but managed to sneak through on the fence to salute.


Early Bird Specials: R5.3 Terry & R8.3 Justify That

  • Terry offered up the best price early $6.00 (started $3.60).

See ‘Bookie Basher’ above.

  • Justify That was also the juicy price of $21 (started $12).

See ‘Best Backed’ above.

Flops: R1.9 Ace Attack & R2.2 Hussy’s Glow & R4.6 Scuzi & 6.10 Complete Class

Morphettville offered up four flops:-

Ace Attack ended up coming eighth today and never gave a sight. Punters were expecting more from the last start winner as he was backed from $5.00 in to $3.80.

Hussy’s Glow left punters devastated as the 3YO filly was heavily backed from $3.40 in to $2.30. She came from well back but couldn’t make up enough ground and ran fourth.

Scuzi was backed early and went from $4.00 in to $3.00. However, money came for a few others late, so the mare drifted back out to $4.20. She settled in the middle of the pack with cover and when asked to go in the straight, she went backwards.

Complete Class didn’t live up to her name today. The 4YO mare was $3.70 out to $4.40. She looked to have every possible chance in the run but never tacked on at any stage.


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