A short, sharp tongue in cheek look at Ipswich tomorrow…!

The Gold Coast Bulletin’s Brad Davidson & yours truly have a short, sharp look at tomorrow’s Ipswich meeting…


BD: Are you heading up to Royal Ipswich tomorrow?

CN: I was but it’s an 18+ event and I’ve lost my ID so I’m worried they won’t let me in.

BD: I don’t think you will have any problems and the grey hairs will give it away.

CN: They are ash blonde highlights thank you very much.

BD: Moving on, what has the dart landed on in the Ipswich Cup?

CN: Maurus will win by as far as you can kick your hat.

BD: Well I don’t have a hat.

CN: I heard you were sitting in front of the television this week watching Royal Ascot with a top hat on.

BD: Please, they wouldn’t wouldn’t make one small enough for my head.

CN: What’s the best bet for Ipswich tomorrow?

BD: Heart Of A Warrior should win Race 1 and I also think Mandryka ($13) and Daph ‘N’ Alf ($41) are both over the odds in Races 5 and 7 respectively.

CN: Gee you tipped a few roughies there.

BD: It’s better than always tipping a favourite.

CN: Well I think Outraged ($8) can knock off your tip in the first.

BD: We’ll have another carton on it.

CN: Done.


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