Gold Coast Review 11/2/2015

The words ‘track bias’ are very much overrated in the current era. According to some commentators you would think there is no such thing as a fair track these days, either the leaders are favoured, the backmarkers are favoured or mysteriously the ‘apparent’ track bias changes half way through the meeting…!

Now I’m certainly NOT saying ‘track bias’ doesn’t exist as certain sections of a track can provide superior going, rail placements can also make a difference amongst other variables, trying to work it all out though will only have you reaching for the Panadol.  At the end of the day it all mostly comes back to the tempo of the race, what goes on up front generally determines the end result.

The summary below (which I will soon be providing for most SEQ meetings) will save you the time trying to work out track bias & tempo, please note when doing the tempo calculations I use the Punting Form service which provides accurate overall & sectional times.


Gold Coast 11/2/2015

Track Rating  – Soft (5) upgraded to a Good (4) after Race 3

Rail – Out 6m 1400-400m, Out 3m remainder

Penetrometer – 4.73

Weather – Showery but nothing of any note

Track pattern – inside section definitely inferior, most winners/runners steered well clear & headed wider in the straight.


Race 1 – Class 4 900m – too short.

Race 2 – Maiden 1800m – around genuine.

Race 3 – Maiden 1800m – on pacers favoured.

Race 4 – Maiden 1100m – on pacers favoured.

Race 5 – Maiden 1100m – around genuine.

Race 6 – 3yo Maiden 1100m – genuine.

Race 7 – Benchmark 75 1400m – very solid pace up front, backmarkers suited

Race 8 – F & M Class 3 Plate 1200m – sprint home, on pacers strongly suited.

Race 9 – C, G & E Class 3 Plate 1200m – sprint home, on pacers strongly suited.



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