New Track Rating System

By Tatts Staff

Photo of Horse Race - Large

A new global race track rating system has been adopted in Australia.



Australia has implemented a new system for rating of race track surfaces from 01 December, 2014. Numerical track ratings remain, however the associated descriptions have been amended to be more consistent with other jurisdictions overseas.


Rating            Description                                                                                                          Previous
Firm 1         Dry hard track                                                                       (Fast)
Firm 2         Firm track with reasonable grass coverage                         (Good)
Good 3        Track with good grass coverage and cushion                      (Good)
Good 4        Track with some give in it                                                    (Dead)
Soft 5          Track with a reasonable amount of give in it                      (Dead)
Soft 6          Moist but not a badly affected track                                  (Slow)
Soft 7          More rain-affected track that will chop out                       (Slow)
Heavy 8       Rain-affected track that horses will get into                      (Heavy)
Heavy 9       Wet track getting into a squelchy area                               (Heavy)
Heavy10      Heaviest category track, very wet, towards saturation      (Heavy)

Late last year, the Australian Racing Board (ARB) resolved to modernise track ratings to make them a clearer and more accurate guide for punters and industry participants alike. The ARB issued a revised scale in January, 2014 and called for public and industry input. Retention of the numerical scale of 1-10 was strongly endorsed by punters, whilst most of the submissions centred on the ratings and their description.

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