Doomben review Saturday 26th July 2014

Track: Dead (4)/upgraded to Good (3) after Race 1 Rail: Out 4.5m entire Pen: 4.70

Bias/Pattern: None, seemed to play fair throughout the day.


Race 1 The Duporth Tavern Fillies & Mares Class 6 Plate 1350m

RISA Time 79.13 (First 750 44.28/Last 600 34.85)  Tempo: Good

SIZZLING SONG set the speed here however was quickly claimed by the winner CLIQUES into the straight who proved far too solid in the run to the line. She’s hard to catch however not sacking BINGO ROSE who did make good ground, if she’s going to give away similar starts her best chance to win would be Eagle Farm however time is running out! SOLITAIRE PRINCESS ran on & will be suited up to the mile next time & probably further than that down the track.

STEWARDS: As apprentice C. Van Der Werf was not able to fulfil her engagement on SIZZLING SONG, stewards approved C. Munce as the replacement rider for that mare.
SPURS AND SASHES (J. Byrne) was restrained from a wide barrier to settle at the rear of the field.
CENTREPET (B. Grylls) overraced in the middle stages and on a number of occasions had to be restrained from the heels of SIZZLING SONG (C. Munce).
SIZZLING SONG was inclined to lay out under pressure in the home straight.
SOLITAIRE PRINCESS (M. Cahill) shifted in abruptly approaching the finish line, which prevented M. Cahill from riding that horse out in his normal manner.
Apprentice G. Goold reported at scale that it was not his intention to settle in a forward position on CLIQUES, however after beginning well he did not have to pressure the horse to obtain this position.
When asked to explain the disappointing performance of SPURS AND SASHES, J. Byrne stated that the mare did not respond to his riding from the 600m and in his view has come to the end of its preparation.
T. Bell reported that SLOTS did not feel entirely comfortable in its action over the final 100m. A post-race veterinary examination of SLOTS revealed no significant findings.


Race 2 Madame Wu Open Handicap 1200m

RISA Time 69.54 (First 600 36.02/Last 600 33.52)  Tempo: Moderate

This race turned into a dash home down the straight & the lightly weighted DISCREET with her strong sprint was always going to be hard to run down once she hit the lead at the 150. EXCELLANTES was as game as ever however had to give the winner 5kg & was slightly held up until fully clear near 180, he had to try & pick up quickly which is no mean task with the bigger weight when your main rival is in full flight. THEFT & JEFFERSON PARK had no excuses & were simply beaten by better horses on the day.

STEWARDS: BLACK MAGIC (M. Cahill) began awkwardly and lost ground.
JEFFERSON PARK (T. Harrison) overraced in the early and middle stages.


Race 3 Rawgroup Hospitality QTIS 2yo Handicap 1200m

RISA Time 70.37 (First 600 35.66/Last 600 34.71)  Tempo: Genuine

Tim Bell crossed MISTER BOOZE from an awkward gate and was able to park up 2nd just over a length off the leader. Steadily closing the gap to the turn he struck the front at the 150 moving clear soon after. That was his first start for 15 weeks suggesting he’ll be even further improved next time out. WORTHY CAUSE looked flat in the straight until warming to his task late, he’s looking for further now. Don’t sack TOP TONE who was 3 deep without cover throughout, his task was always going to be a tough one.

STEWARDS: DIDDY WIN DIDDY (J. Johnson) jumped away awkwardly, shifted out and bumped MISTER BOOZE (T. Bell), which in turn made contact with the hind quarters of WORTHY CAUSE (G. Goold), resulting in that runner becoming unbalanced. WORTHY CAUSE then was taken out a short distance later by MISTER BOOZE, resulting in LADY JETSETTER (C. Munce) having to be steadied. VOLTAIRE LUMIERE (A. Allen) was also bumped in this incident and taken outwards, resulting in DESPINA (M. Cahill) being taken across the heels of TOP TONE (L. Cassidy), which was also shifting in.
ROSIE’S COMMAND (E. Wilkinson) jumped very awkwardly.
GAME OF FAME (J. Byrne) overraced in the early stages and near the 800m had to be steadied when tightened for room by CROSSROAD (J. Taylor), which shifted in after being tightened between DUCHESS MOLLY (G. Colless), which shifted out slightly, and DIDDY WIN DIDDY, which shifted in when not fully clear. GAME OF FAME continued to overrace in the middle stages.
TOP TONE raced three wide without cover throughout.
VOLTAIRE LUMIERE raced extremely wide throughout without cover.
Approaching the 900m MISTER BOOZE had to be momentarily steadied from the heels of CASINOMAC (B. Appo), which shifted in when not sufficiently clear. Apprentice B. Appo was issued with a reprimand. In this incident THE MONK (T. Harrison) also lost ground when steadied by its rider.
Passing the 600m DUCHESS MOLLY hung out despite the efforts of its rider, resulting in CROSSROAD and LADY JETSETTER being taken wider.
After passing the 600m until soon after straightening GAME OF FAME was held up when unable to improve when awkwardly placed at the heels of CROSSROAD.
Rounding the home turn CROSSROAD had to be steadied when momentarily tightened for room between LADY JETSETTER and DUCHESS MOLLY (G. Colless), which shifted out slightly.
When asked to comment on the performance of GAME OF FAME, J. Byrne stated that after being tightened for room near the 900m the filly commenced to hang out and proved difficult to ride in the middle stages. A post-race veterinary examination GAME OF FAME revealed no significant findings.
C. Munce was asked to comment on the performance of LADY JETSETTER. He stated that the filly was obliged to race wide throughout and was forced wider near the 600m and, considering those factors, he was not entirely disappointed with today’s performance. A post-race veterinary examination of LADY JETSETTER revealed mild lameness in the off foreleg. Trainer L. Birchley under took to advise stewards of anything that comes to light in coming days which may have had an effect on the performance.


Race 4  Beach House Bar & Grill Open Handicap 2120m

RISA Time 129.87 (First 1520 94.13/Last 600 35.74)             Tempo: Looked genuine

SOLEBID missed the start last time out however no such dramas this time landing the box seat run behind the leader. Once finding the lead in the straight he did enough to hold off ANGUSROY who took the shortcuts along the fence throughout the race. GREY ASSIGNMENT made a long wide run from the 800, wasn’t far away at the end & could be close to a breakthrough around this distance range in coming weeks. Forgiving HI SON however he is becoming costly.

STEWARDS: Near the 1600m MARKOUT (A. Allen) had to be steadied when racing in restricted room between VOLKHERE (G. Colless) and SHOTOVER RIVER (A. Butler), which shifted in.
Rounding the home turn and in the early stages of the home straight ANGUSROY (B. Grylls) was unable to secure clear running.
Over the concluding stages VOLKHERE had to be steadied when tightened for room between HI SON (T. Harrison) and ONGOING VENTURE (M. Cahill), which had been taken in slightly by GREY ASSIGNMENT (L. Cassidy).
Stewards sought an explanation from apprentice T. Harrison regarding both her riding tactics on HI SON in the early stages and the overall performance of the gelding. Apprentice Harrison explained that she had no specific instructions but she had intended on riding HI SON towards the rear of the field, however after beginning well and overracing slightly in the early stages to the outside of GREY ASSIGNMENT, rather than be caught wide, she elected to proceed forward and obtain the lead passing the winning post on the first occasion. Apprentice Harrison added that HI SON did not settle as she would have liked following this for some distance and this, in her view, contributed to the horse not finishing the race off. Her explanation was noted regarding the tactics. A post-race veterinary examination of HI SON revealed a slower than normal recovery rate.
L. Cassidy (GREY ASSIGNMENT) was fined $200 for using his whip in a forehand manner on more than 5 occasions prior to the 100m.


Race 5 Hervey Bay Hotel C, G & E Class 6 Plate 1350m

RISA Time 80.05 (First 750 46.37/Last 600 33.68)  Tempo: Slow

ROBBERS ROOST & CRACCO had a picnic in front here, they should have fought out the finish however the resuming HARADA BAY who races very well fresh was able to get home over the top of them & arrive in the nick of time. CRACCO will strip fitter, that was his first run for 8 weeks, he probably wins with a run under the belt. Liked the effort handed in by TRAKSTAR, first run from a break he found the line solidly in a race not at all run to suit& will appreciate further going forward, looks a coming winner.

STEWARDS: As A. Butler was stood down by the Club doctor following his ride in Race 4, J. Byrne was substituted as the rider of HARADA BAY.
Near the 1200m MONBAZILLAC (G. Colless) brushed the running rail.
JOPA (B. Stewart) raced three wide without cover throughout.
Jockey M. Cahill was afforded the opportunity to comment on the performance of SIR BERUS. Jockey Cahill stated that he was not entirely disappointed with the performance, however the gelding had some difficulty securing clear running in the home straight and he specifically wanted to get to the outside of other runners to comply with his instructions.


Race 6 Urban Cellars One Metro Win Handicap 1630m

RISA Time 98.77 (First 1030 63.53/Last 600 35.24)               Tempo: Muddling

Not sure what we’ll get out of this race going forward as the tempo really was a ‘mixed bag’ chopping & changing in the first half of the race & there was only just over 2L between first & last on the line. OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR made it 2 wins in 2 weeks, as the stable say he certainly takes some riding however he certainly knows where the post is. The resuming KENTAUR was only narrowly pipped, fitter for further now. KARANJA & RED HOT DAZZLER both had difficulty gaining clear runs in the straight, RED HOT DAZZLER certainly should have finished closer.

STEWARDS: HORA SEXTA (J. Taylor) jumped awkwardly, shifted in and bumped CABALLO RAPIDO (M. Cahill).
Both CABALLO RAPIDO and HORA SEXTA were hampered after travelling a short distance between OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR (B. Appo), which was taken out by KENTAUR (B. Grylls), and HARD TICKER (E. Wilkinson). Apprentice B. Grylls was advised to show greater care in similar circumstances.
HARD TICKER overraced in the early stages.
SON OF COCO (A. Allen) raced ungenerously in the lead in the early and middle stages.
HEARTS’N’DIAMONDS (L. Cassidy) raced three wide in the early stages before being ridden forward to obtain the position outside the leader approaching the 900m.
Near the 1200m HEARTS’N’DIAMONDS shifted in abruptly before being corrected by its rider.
KARANJA (T. Bell) was unable to secure clear running in the home straight until passing the 200m.
CABALLO RAPIDO was inclined to lay out under pressure in the home straight.
RED HOT DAZZLER (R. McMahon) had difficulty securing clear running from the 300m until passing the 100m.
Apprentice A. Allen (SON OF COCO) dropped his whip approaching the 200m.


Race 7 The Bottle-O Open Handicap 1630m

RISA Time 97.36 (First 1030 62.49/Last 600 34.87)               Tempo: Genuine-

EPIC was ridden a treat here by Anthony Allen, he found a perfect spot just off the speed early on before box seating behind the leader REGULAR to the turn, once into the straight the gap came & he was able to shoot through along the fence. BILLY AUCASH ran home late however was never going to get to the winner, strips fitter & does look very close to a win. FERMENT & ELMANTOSH ran on however they have a habit of doing that.

STEWARDS: COLLAR (T. Harrison) began awkwardly.
Approaching the first turn apprentice B. Grylls (KISS ME DEADLY) steadied her mount to allow REGULAR (J. Johnson) to cross to the lead. This resulted in FERMENT (C. Munce), which was following, having to be checked to avoid the heels of KISS ME DEADLY and shift out, making contact with the hind quarters of EPIC (A. Allen). At the same stage, BELLTONE (T. Wolfgram) had to be steadied from the heels of COLLAR (T. Harrison), which shifted in when not clear. Apprentice T. Harrison was admonished and urged to provide her fellow riders with greater clearance when shifting ground in the future.
Both REGULAR and COLLAR overraced in the middle stages.
BLACK CASH (M. Cahill) raced three wide without cover throughout.
Rounding the home turn and in the early part of the home straight BILLY AUCASH (R. Wiggins) was held up for clear running.
Passing the 300m KISS ME DEADLY, which was weakening, had to be steadied when tightened for room between FRETON (J. Byrne) and ELMANTOSH (R. McMahon), which shifted out. R. McMahon was issued with a reprimand.
BELLTONE was held up for clear running in the home straight until approaching the approaching the 100m.
Stewards sought an explanation from apprentice B. Grylls regarding her surrendering the lead on KISS ME DEADLY approaching the first turn, which is in contrast to the horse’s usual racing pattern. Apprentice Grylls explained that she was instructed to take up a forward position and if pressured for the lead in the early stages, to surrender that position and race with cover, however after being briefly tightened for room near the 1400m, KISS ME DEADLY raced further back than she anticipated.
Stewards questioned apprentice T. Harrison regarding her failure to ride COLLAR out over the final 100m. T. Harrison explained that BLACK CASH had commenced to shift in approaching that point before straightening and she stopped riding COLLAR as she was of the view that if BLACK CASH continued to shift in she would have to check off that runner’s heels. She stated that after BLACK CASH had straightened, she should have continued to ride her mount out. Stewards reminded apprentice Harrison of her obligations, however were of the view that her actions did not have a material effect on COLLAR’s placing in the race.


Race 8 Coca-Cola Amatil QTIS 3yo Handicap 1200m

RISA Time 69.77 (First 600 35.08/Last 600 34.69)  Tempo: Good+

All honours with HEZA BOBBY DAZZLER here who wasn’t the best away, he was sent forward to find the front doing plenty of work in the process yet was still able to pull out enough to get home. He’s gone for a break now with bigger plans in mind down the track. RIVERBOLDA fought gamely all the way down the straight, she was basically with the winner all the way. CHOOSE A SAGA will strip fitter for further whilst I wouldn’t sack SCHILLACKING who although had his chance just never really seemed to travel all that well.

STEWARDS: HEZA BOBBY DAZZLER (J. Byrne) and INTERLUDE (B. Grylls) were slow to begin.
SMART HUSS (R. McMahon) had difficulty securing clear running in the home straight until passing the 200m.
After passing the 100m PUFF’S GIRL (C. Munce) was inconvenienced when it shifted in away from MISHANI GLADIATOR (B. Stewart).


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