Eagle Farm review Saturday 19th July 2014

Track: Good (3) Rail: Out 2m Pen: 4.30

Bias/Pattern: Hard against the fence didn’t appear the place to be with most winners coming home well off that section.

Race 1 Meteors Netball One Metro Win 1000m

RISA Time 58.20 (First 400 23.79/Last 600 34.41)  Tempo: Moderate-

LENNIE’S CHOICE led easily & raced well within himself to the turn, still travelled well 2L clear passing the 200m however he couldn’t offer much when challenged by the winner MISS STASH who had a bit on these even with likely further improvement to come fitness wise. Forgive RADIANT ANGEL who missed the start slightly before racing very wide, she was never a hope however is much better than that.

STEWARDS: WONDERFUL JESTER (R. McMahon), EXPLORE THE WORLD (M. Cahill), RADIANT ANGEL (T. Bell) and MISS STASH (L. Tarrant) all missed the start.
Near the 900m AMBER ALE (B. Grylls) had to be steadied to avoid the heels of CRAIGLEA MASTA (T. Wolfgram), which shifted in. Apprentice T. Wolfgram was reprimanded.
DENMARK HILL (E. Wilkinson) hung out from the 600m and shifted wider on the track, forcing AMBER ALE and RADIANT ANGEL wider on the track.
Passing the 400m TORNADOES (R. Jamieson) shifted out in an attempt to secure clear running and made contact with EXPLORE THE WORLD. TORNADOES was then held up for clear running until the 100m.
R. McMahon was questioned regarding his riding of WONDERFUL JESTER in the straight. He stated that the gelding was held up in the early stages and then after obtaining a run to the outside of MISS STASH was inclined to lay in, which resulted in him having to stop riding and straighten his mount. He added that he then was able to apply pressure to WONDERFUL JESTER, however the gelding peaked on its run over the final 50m. His explanation was noted. A post-race veterinary examination of WONDERFUL JESTER revealed no significant findings.


Race 2 Andersens Flooring One Metro Win Handicap 2112m

RISA Time 132.27 (First 1512 96.98/Last 600 35.29)             Tempo: Muddling

Leaders chopped & changed here with full marks going to Luke Tarrant who took the initiative with DODGING EDDIE making his move well before the home turn as he knew his horse would be strong to the line. BIG WHEELS again ran on however he left his run too late, reverse the rides & you’ll reverse the result, I’m sure there’s a win in him shortly if you have deep enough pockets…

STEWARDS: DODGING EDDIE (L. Tarrant) was slow to begin.
After passing the winning post on the first occasion BILLABONG BIRD (B. Appo) was tightened for room and became unbalanced between BIG WHEELS (T. Bell) and LEONARDO EXPRESS (D. Browne), which shifted in.
LEONARDO EXPRESS raced wide during the early stages before being ridden forward to assume the lead passing the 1300m, and when shifting across the line of DENWOOD (J. Byrne), caused that horse, which was overracing, to be steadied. D. Browne, the rider of LEONARDO EXPRESS, was advised to exercise more care when shifting ground.
HOW FAIRDINKUM (A. Allen) raced wide until assuming the lead passing the 1100m.
Passing the 900m LEONARDO EXPRESS shifted out around the heels of HOW FAIRDINKUM, forcing DUSTY’S FELT (J. Taylor) three wide without cover. DUSTY’S FELT raced in this position for the remainder of the event.
After passing the 600m HOLLYWOOD LAD (V. Colgan) attempted to secure clear running between DUSTY’S FELT and DODGING EDDIE, however was disappointed for a run and had to be steadied.
DENWOOD was held up from rounding the home turn until passing the 200m.


Race 3 BMAG QTIS 2yo Handicap 1600m

RISA Time 96.43 (First 1000 61.08/Last 600 35.35)               Tempo: Leisurely-

As expected even allowing for the leisurely speed set up front the backmarkers were too strong with JUMBO PRINCE proving by far the superior, he’s really improved this campaign & will get further on what he displayed here. YEAGER is still learning, he’ll definitely win his share & is one to stick with whilst I though SLEEP TIGHT ran very well, rising 400m off the last start win she looked a big chance when dashing away inside the 300m. ELJETEM didn’t run it out as strongly as I thought he would, certainly wouldn’t sack though. Big gap to the rest.

STEWARDS: YEAGER (J. Byrne) and ELJETEM (K. Wharton) were slow to begin.
YEAGER overraced in the middle stages.
Rounding the home turn SLEEP TIGHT (T. Bell) shifted out to improve and in doing so tightened the running of GOLDIES RETURN (A. Allen) on to the hind quarters of BALLY BULL (B. Appo), causing both horses to become unbalanced. YEAGER, which was improving to the outside, was also inconvenienced.
LADY JESSE (M. Cahill) was held up rounding the home turn, and passing the 400m had to be checked when attempting a tight run between CEBILE (N. Tomizawa) and STRADAVARIUS (L. Cassidy), and then continued to be held up during the early stages of the home straight.
Near the 300m GOLDIES RETURN shifted in under pressure, inconveniencing ONEMORE FOR WILSON (R. McMahon) and LADY JESSE.


Race 4 Brisclean Class 6 Handicap 1200m

RISA Time 70.56 (First 600 35.63/Last 600 34.93)  Tempo: Leisurely+

Leaders TOM’S LUCK & I’M COOL were entitled to keep going here however either they are a bit weak or the rails is even worse than appears (or a mix of both…). ARCHITECT scored the best run through on the home turn and looked the winner before CHARLIE CAT unleashed late, yes he was out on the better going however his closing sectionals will be very strong coming from a clear last in what was really a sprint home. FOREFRONT was very disappointing, first horse beaten.

STEWARDS: ARCHITECT (T. Bell) jumped away awkwardly and lost ground.
CHALUPA (J. Taylor), which was slow to begin, then raced wide for the majority of the event.
Leaving the 1000m CASINO CARD (J. Byrne) commenced to overrace, and when being restrained, hung out and lost ground. CASINO CARD continued to overrace for some distance during the middle stages.
FOREFRONT (D. Browne) overraced for a short distance after passing the 1000m.
Near the 500m CASINO CARD shifted out to improve and in doing so inconvenienced CHALUPA.
Trainer L. Kelly was questioned regarding the tactics adopted on CHARLIE CAT, which were in contrast to its most recent start at Grafton. He stated that as the gelding had drawn wide, he had given specific instructions not to be caught wide on the track and to try and find cover. He added that he did not expect CHARLIE CAT to be racing at the rear of the field. Jockey V. Colgan advised that from the barrier he restrained the gelding, however when caught extremely wide approaching the first turn he elected to ease CHARLIE CAT back to the rear. Their explanations were noted.
D. Browne reported that passing the 400m FOREFRONT shifted out abruptly away from ARCHITECT, making contact with KARL THE GREAT (M. Cahill), which in turn made contact with the hind quarters of CASINO CARD.
A post-race veterinary examination of FOREFRONT revealed no significant findings.
A post-race veterinary examination of CASINO CARD revealed the horse had bled from both nostrils. Trainer L. Ross was advised that CASINO CARD would now be ineligible to start for 3 months, and prior to resuming racing must perform satisfactorily in a 1000m gallop in the presence of a steward.
A post-race veterinary examination of I’M COOL (J. Johnson) revealed the gelding to be lame in both forelegs. Trainer D. Forster was advised that she will be required to provide a veterinary clearance for I’M COOL prior to its next start.


Race 5 Austral Volkswagen Benchmark 80 Handicap 1600m

RISA Time 95.90 (First 1000 60.23/Last 600 35.67)               Tempo: Moderate+

This looked the perfect race for WINGARA to take the step from midweek to Saturday grade & he did that successfully albeit narrowly & after a perfect run throughout. UNDER THE HAT ran home strongly and would have landed the money in another stride or two, he should be winning soon. FRETON struggles to win in this grade however he put in another good performance here lumping the big weight & he should be something to beat in a slightly easier race.

STEWARDS: HLUDOWIG (K. Wharton), PRIMARY COLOUR (M. Cahill) and NOOGOORA BURR (B. Appo) were slow to begin.
SLYSERA (G. Goold) raced wide without cover.
FANTISHA (D. Browne) had difficulty securing clear running in the early stages of the home straight.
PLATINUM STATE (J. Johnson) was held up for clear running rounding the home turn until leaving the 300m.
A post-race veterinary examination of FANTISHA revealed no significant findings.
A post-race veterinary examination of PLATINUM STATE revealed the gelding to be distressed.
NOOGOORA BURR lost its near hind plate in running.


Race 6 The Stoddart Group Benchmark 75 Handicap 1300m

RISA Time 76.80 (First 700 40.90/Last 600 35.90)  Tempo: Very good+

THEFIFTHHOLE did his thing here charging along out front & setting a very solid speed, he folded at the 100m allowing backmarker & ex Victorian NOT TOO SURE to rush home from the back of the field. AQUATORIAL was another suited by the tempo & he also finished off strongly whilst MANICERO sat close enough & looked a chance in the straight, strips fitter for the run. ALBERT’S CHOICE raced wide throughout, didn’t shirk his task in the straight though & is racing well. SKATING AWAY disappointed.

STEWARDS: MANICERO (C. Van Der Werf) and ALBERT’S CHOICE (R. McMahon) raced wide throughout.
A post-race veterinary examination of DOUGHTY (G. Goold) revealed the to be exhibiting a cough.


Race 7 Netball Disney Classic Open Handicap 1300m

RISA Time 76.17 (First 700 41.49/Last 600 34.68)  Tempo: Good

Personally I thought ROCKY KING would have trouble seeing out the 1300m strongly here however clearly that wasn’t the case, he was rated perfectly by Damian Browne travelling well throughout & basically cruised home, might even run 1400m on that! SALUTER has now put together two solid efforts in a row so fair to say he’s back to his better form & shouldn’t be far off a win. BYMONASHEE may be looking for a break??

STEWARDS: PHELAN READY (L. Tarrant) was slow to begin.
PHELAN READY lost its near hind plate in running.


Race 8 Jeschkm And Ara QTIS 3yo Handicap 1600m

RISA Time 95.46 (First 1000 58.85/Last 600 36.61)               Tempo: Very good

Blanket finish with 6 of them going across the line with a length of each other. OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR got the bob in at big odds, PERFORMIA was the one flying late, did strike some trouble near the 300m so may have been stiff. FAST ARROW was a nice run, stuck over on the worst part of the track he kept attacking the line & is a promising type who should win better races. ROYAL SCRIBE did a good job to almost hold on whilst HOT SAGA was a sneaky good run, got back & ran on late without much room, wasn’t knocked about to the line.

STEWARDS: FAST ARROW (K. Wharton), PERFORMIA (M. Cahill), HOT SAGA (D. Browne) and DYNA ROSE (V. Colgan) were tightened for room at the start between ROSEY JOAN (B. Appo) and COMACINA (A. Butler), which shifted in. In this incident DYNA ROSE had to be checked.
Shortly after the start PALMERA LAD (A. Allen), QUEST FOR PEACE (T. Wolfgram), BODEGA NEGRA (R. McMahon) and SANTOYA CAT (R. Wiggins) were all inconvenienced when tightened for room to the inside of OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR (L. Tarrant), which shifted in. In this incident PALMERA LAD and QUEST FOR PEACE both had to be checked.
Approaching the 1300m SANTOYA CAT had to be steadied away from the heels of HIGH ACE (E. Wilkinson), which shifted in. From that point on, SANTOYA CAT overraced and refused to settle until after passing the 1000m.
After passing the 900m ABU BEN ADAM (J. Johnson), which was pulling hard, shifted out from behind the heels of FLAMBOYER (G. Goold), taking both SANTOYA CAT and L’ENTRECOTE (J. Byrne) wider. SANTOYA CAT and L’ENTRECOTE both raced wide without cover from that point onwards.
PERFORMIA was held up approaching the home turn.
Near the 300m PERFORMIA was inconvenienced when L’ENTRECOTE shifted out under pressure. Shortly after this, PERFORMIA continued to shift out and inconvenienced BODEGA NEGRA.
Rounding the home turn OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR shifted out in an attempt to secure clear running outside the heels of the weakening SANTOYA CAT and in doing so made heavy contact with L’ENTRECOTE and became unbalanced. OAK ‘N’ ARTHUR was then obliged to shift back to the inside to secure clear running.
HOT SAGA was held up shortly after entering the home straight and again after passing the 200m and was unable to secure clear running over the concluding stages.
Approaching the 300m DYNA ROSE became unbalanced and shifted out of its own accord.
K. Wharton (FAST ARROW) was reprimanded for excessive use of the whip in a backhand manner.
A post-race veterinary examination of QUEST FOR PEACE revealed the horse to be sore over the hind quarters. Trainer T. Edmonds was advised that he will be required to produce a veterinary clearance for QUEST FOR PEACE prior to its next start.


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