Gold Coast review Saturday 19th July 2014

Track: Good (3) Rail: True 400m –WP, out 2m remainder Pen: 4.17

Bias/Pattern: All winners came from off the fence, more so as the day wore on to the point where all runners steered well away from the inside section down the straight in the last race.


Race 1 Thoroughbred Club Gold Coast Maiden Handicap 900m

RISA Time 52.14 (First 300 18.25/Last 600 33.90)  Tempo: Genuine+

MR GOOD LOOKING was able to overcome a slow start to win wearing down the odds on favourite ELISARO who although having to push her way out in the straight, did find the front inside the 200m only to be run down by the winner late. Michael Hellyer was into the debutante BETTERTHANYOUTHINK from well before the turn, didn’t do a bad job running home steadily to claim a clear 3rd & will gain plenty of benefit from the experience.

STEWARDS: MR GOOD LOOKING (S Galloway), BETTERTHANYOUTHINK (M Hellyer) and ARIA’S GIFT (A Dykes) were slow into stride.
SIROCAN (B Looker), STANATHOL (D Missen), DON’T TELL THE GIRLS (B Stower) all raced wide for the majority of the event.
Leaving the 600m OTIMO (C Schmidt) had to be steadied when tightened for room by ELISARO (B El-Issa) which had a tendency to lay in during the middle stages of the race.
Near the 400m STANATHOL was placed in restricted room when SIROCAN (B Looker) shifted in slightly. A short distance later ELISARO (B El-Issa) improved onto the heels of KLEINTON KID (T Treichel) and had to be steadied and then shifted out making contact with LITTLE PADDY (J Orman). Both Jockeys B El-Issa and B Looker were reprimanded for their actions in this incident.
STANATHOL was inclined to lay in over the final 200m placing its rider at a disadvantage.
Passing the 100m LITTLE PADDY had to be steadied when tightened for room between KLEINTON KID and STANATHOL. As a consequence OTIMO was held up for clear running over the final 100m.
It was reported that KLEINTON KID lost its near hind plate in running.


Race 2 Sedgman Yeats Class 4 Handicap 1800m

RISA Time 112.01 (First 1300 76.80/Last 600 35.21)             Tempo: Genuine-

Personally I had my doubts about the winner PINBALL LASS running a strong 1800m however the money trail ($3.70-$2.70) suggested she could & that was the way it panned out. She couldn’t quite get clear in the straight until near the 150m however once she did the race was as good as over. STUBOY kicked away & looked a big chance inside the 200m whilst TERTIARY battled away honestly as he does to finish a close up 3rd. They beat the rest clearly.

STEWARDS: DAYMO (T Treichel) was presented to race with race plates instead of concussion plates which had been advertised. Trainer J Graham advised Stewards that DAYMO’s last two starts had been with race plates and as such DAYMO was permitted to race with race plates today. A public announcement was made to this effect.
CAPTAIN FASTBUCK (L Cheshire) was slow to begin.
PINBALL LASS (B El-Issa) was held up in the early stages of the home straight when disappointed for a run to the outside of DAYMO.
Approaching the 400m TERTIARY (S Fawke) had to be steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of STUBOY (L Rolls).


Race 3 AFS/Hallmark Finance Class 2 Handicap 1100m

RISA Time 63.76 (First 500 29.05/Last 600 34.71)  Tempo: Good+

First up off a slick trial win POLAR BLITZ ran along at solid sectionals before increasing his margin to 3 lengths into the straight, although still well clear inside the 200m he felt the pinch late (worst going) & was run down on the line. Winner BABUR had a perfect run 3rd on the fence and was able to have the last crack at POLAR BLITZ. LONYX, GREAT INAGUA & ANASHEED all made late ground however their efforts were flattered by the leader tiring late. They will all be suited over further. SPEEDY SAM was used up after a tardy start & was a spent force on the home turn.

STEWARDS: SPEEDY SAM (S Fawke) which began awkwardly, shifted out and bumped RAISE YOUR BANNER (L Cheshire).
LONYX (S Galloway) began awkwardly.
Near the 900m LONYX had to be steadied when tightened for room between ANASHEED (C Schmidt) and SPEEDY SAM (S Fawke) which shifted in. App. Fawke was reprimanded for allowing his mount to shift in when not sufficiently clear.
Near the 350m BABUR (T Treichel) had to be steadied when awkwardly placed at the heels of SPEEDY SAM which was inclined to lay in.
When questioned as to the performance of SPEEDY SAM today, App. S Fawke stated that after beginning awkwardly he was obliged to pressure the filly to obtain its customary forward position outside the leader. App. Fawke added that SPEEDY SAM was under pressure passing the 500m and in his opinion was disappointing today. Trainer J Morrisey was of the view that the work SPEEDY SAM was required to do in the early stages of the event had a detrimental effect on the filly’s ability to finish off the race as expected. A post-race veterinary examination of SPEEDY SAM revealed the filly to be displaying signs of coming into season.
Jockey S Galloway (LONYX) was reprimanded for using his whip in a forehand manner on more than the permitted number of occasions prior to the 100m.


Race 4 Muckerts Sawmill Maiden Plate 1300m

RISA Time 79.01 (First 700 43.11/Last 600 35.90)  Tempo: Leisurely+

Leaders didn’t go hard at all here yet were run over late by TOPENDING who came charging down the outside late, his form isn’t all that strong suggesting the overall form out of this race may be questionable?? RUNLIKE THE RAPIDS sat wide throughout & fought on well whilst EMBRACE is a likely improver, he was first up for a new yard here having not raced for 10 weeks & will strip fitter for the outing.

STEWARDS: PANYA (M Hellyer) was slow to begin.
MASTER CAT (B El-Issa) over-raced in the early stages of the event.
EMBRACE (G Cooksley) raced wide during the early and middle stages of the event.
RUNLIKE THE RAPIDS (B Looker) and PENNY’S CHOICE (S Galloway) raced wide throughout the event.
TOPENDING (P Holmes) was held up in the early stages of the home straight.
SEEKING LOUIE (C Schmidt) shifted out under pressure in the home straight and in doing so bumped EMBRACE on a number of occasions. App. C Schmidt was advised to stop riding and straighten her mounts in future.
RUNLIKE THE RAPIDS was inclined to lay in, in the early stages of the home straight.
When questioned as to the seemingly improved performance of TOPENDING, stable representative W Hulbert noted that the gelding had won a trial prior to its last start which was its first race back from a spell. Mr Hulbert added that at its last start TOPENDING had trailed the winner throughout before weakening over the final 400m which he attributed to the gelding’s lack of race fitness. Mr Hulbert also noted that in his opinion TOPENDING’s last start was against a stronger class of horse than that of today’s race. His explanation was noted.


Race 5 CLM Accountants Thoroughbred Club Cup F & M Class 1 Handicap 1400m

RISA Time 83.87 (First 800 47.81/Last 600 36.06)  Tempo: Good+

Leader ROL’N ROBI went way too hard here & was a spent force at the 300m mark. Considering KILLARNEY BELLE did all the chasing her effort to take over into the straight & find the line as strongly as she did was the sign of a filly who can win better races & I’d be looking out for her going forward. PIPPI LONGSOCKS was sound enough however she had her chance to beat the winner.

STEWARDS: Shortly after the start, EUPHONIUM (B El-Issa), EMOTIONS IN MOTION (J Kokotajlo) and SPEED TO BERN (T Treichel) were all tightened for room between PIPPI LONGSOCKS (M McGuren) and MISS GIBRALTAR (R Vigar) which began awkwardly and shifted out. Both EUPHONIUM and SPEED TO BERN had to be steadied and lost ground as a consequence.
MISS GIBRALTAR raced wide during the middle stages of the event.
PIPPI LONGSOCKS raced wide throughout the event.
When questioned as to the tactics adopted on EMOTIONS IN MOTION which raced extremely wide throughout Jockey Kokotajlo stated that after being tightened for room shortly after the start he was obliged to race wide in the early stages of the event. Jockey Kokotajlo noted that EMOTIONS IN MOTION had shown a tendency to hang out in track work and today commenced to hang out leaving the 800m resulting in him racing extremely wide approaching and rounding the home turn. Whilst noting his comments Stewards were nonetheless critical of Jockey Kokotajlo’s riding and advised him that he should have made a greater effort on this occasion to prevent EMOTIONS IN MOTION from racing as wide as it did today.


Race 6 Thoroughbred Club Of Australia Class 3 Plate 1400m

RISA Time 83.63 (First 800 48.64/Last 600 34.99)  Tempo: Genuine-

Those racing in or around the lead were well suited here as the last 600m was run in sub 35 seconds. MR AHLBERONI enjoyed a fairly good run & finished over the top of DOUBLE POWER who looked to have pinched the race half way down the straight. Liked the run handed in by SPOT ON MAGGIE who gave the leaders 12 lengths at one stage before being beaten less than 4 lengths on the line, one to follow. Couldn’t believe DOLPHUS was sent out favourite here, 4 weeks since her last run which was a 1200m win, stepping up to 1400m here she was always going to be up against it fitness wise & wound up running last.

STEWARDS: Approaching the 600m MR AHLBERONI (M McGuren) improved onto the heels of LIGHTNING VAULT (R Vigar) and had to be steadied and lost ground.
Near the 600m MAN WITH THE PLAN (D Missen) improved onto the heels of HEAD DRAGON (B El-Issa) and had to be steadied.
When questioned as to the disappointing performance of DOLPHUS today, App. J Orman noted that the mare was having its first start in four weeks. App. Orman added that DOLPHUS raced strongly in the early stages of the event before settling and travelling comfortably in the lead during the middle stages of the race, however, weakened noticeably over the final 400m. App. Orman also stated that DOLPHUS made an abnormal respiratory noise upon pulling up. Trainer T Edmonds was of the view that DOLPHUS would be better suited when ridden with cover but noted the circumstances of today’s race where the slow pace in the early stages resulted in DOLPHUS leading of its own accord. Mr Edmonds undertook to have an endoscopic examination performed following the race, the results of which he would report back to Stewards. A post-race veterinary examination of DOLPHUS revealed the mare to have a slower than normal post-race recovery.
When questioned as to his riding of MAN WITH THE PLAN rounding the home turn and in the home straight, Jockey D Missen stated that after being a little slow to begin he was content to take up a position at the rear of the field. Jockey Missen added that leaving the 600m the gelding commenced to improve however he was forced to steady from the heels of HEAD DRAGON. Jockey Missen also stated that MAN WITH THE PLAN did not travel comfortably at any stage of today’s race and in his opinion failed to stretch out on today’s track surface. Jockey Missen added that for this reason he was reluctant to ride MAN WITH THE PLAN with his usual vigour in the home straight. His explanation was noted.


Race 7 BET GOLD C, G & E Class 1 Handicap 1400m

RISA Time 85.02 (First 800 48.91/Last 600 36.11)  Tempo: Moderate+

Overall time wasn’t quick here with fairly average splits & the pace was muddling, form going forward perhaps questionable? RIDEONABIGJETPLANE has always shown ability, got to the right part of the track here & rounded up the leaders with his customary big finish. UNBOWED was good coming with a long wide run. NEOMAGIC was held up however for mine he had his chance in the straight & wasn’t going to reach the first two. UNION was a good run, held up until near the 150m found the line strongly, definitely should have finished closer.

STEWARDS: SON OF A WARRIOR (N Paine) was examined by the veterinary surgeon behind the barriers at the request of the Jockey and subsequently passed to take its place in the field.
RIDEONABIGJETPLANE (C Schmidt) was slow into stride.
MAGIC IN ACTION (S Fawke) began awkwardly and shifted out.
Leaving the 700m when the pace slackened, QUAD (B El-Issa) and SIR SQUIGGLE (T Treichel) commenced to over-race at the heels of the leaders and had to be steadied. UNION (JP Stanley) and RIDEONABIGJETPLANE which were following had to be steadied as a consequence.
LOUPPY BEND (J Orman) and UNBOWED (G Cooksley) raced wide for the majority of the event.
NEOMAGIC (L Cheshire) was held up for clear running during the early stages of the home straight.
UNION was held up for clear running approaching the 400m to a point near the 150m.
A post race veterinary examination of SON OF A WARRIOR revealed the gelding to be mildly lame in the off fore leg.


Race 8 Mermaid Beach A.E.M.E SLSC QTIS 3YO Class 2 Handicap 1200m

RISA Time 70.67 (First 600 36.17/Last 600 34.50)  Tempo: Moderate+

Tempo certainly in favour of those racing up on the speed here. Winner KALANDULA just had a big on these & was able to run down RIVERBOLDA who certainly gave them plenty to catch. SKYTASTIC missed the start slightly & got back before doing his best work over the last 100m or so, racing well & should be winning again soon.

STEWARDS: The start was delayed when FASTA THAN LIGHT (S Galloway) proved difficult to load. The stable was advised that a further Barrier Certificate would be required before FASTA THAN LIGHT races again.
SKYTASTIC (B El-Issa) was slow to begin.
HE DON’T CARE (D Missen) began awkwardly shifted out and bumped ENDLESS PUZZLE (P Holmes).
RED DIAMONDS (J Orman), BROWN WATER (M Hellyer) and COOL TRICK (T Treichel) raced wide for the majority of the event.
Near the 800m SKYTASTIC improved onto the heels of BIRDIE BLITZ (A Best) when being steadied and shifted in making contact with ROWA’S MARK (S Fawke).
A post-race veterinary examination of HE DON’T CARE revealed the gelding to have bled from both nostrils. Trainer R McCall was advised that HE DON’T CARE will be barred from racing for 3 months under the provisions of AR53A.

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